Ghost of the Past

Sometimes it’s quite scary how people would suddenly discover your past, be it from other people or through what you write last time.

It’s not like I have a dark past or anything… But there are some things which I’d rather people not know or bring up.

I remember there was this one guy in army who went to the same secondary school as me, and he still held a grudge against me for not lending him erasers in school.

Past is scary, and it is also something that can’t be changed. Facing the past is something that everyone needs to do.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I like to talk about it.

Who is spreading bad rumors about me anyway…




They say propose to the girl who treats you better as time goes by, and I did! We finally decided to be together for life! Sorry it look me so long… It was not easy both mentally and physically to make her dream proposal come true, and until now I’m still surprised that I managed to do it. #ShuuShou


P.S. This is not the end. This is just the beginning. 🙂

The Last Trick



Saw this random book called 「最後のトリック」(The Last Trick) by 深水黎一郎 (Fukami Reiichirou) and decided to buy it.

What attracted me was the name of the trick: 「読者が犯人」 (The Reader is the Murderer).




What? Is it really possible? I decided to give it a try and read the book…




After reading the book, I really felt like I was the murderer…



The whole book itself was a trick. The moment you start reading, you are already involved in it.



Unless… of course… if you decide to stop reading halfway.



The ending was really unexpected.



I’m not sure whether there are any English translations available, but I think everyone should read this book if they have the chance…



And join me in becoming a murderer…




P.S. I checked up on the author and realised this was his debut novel released in 2007. They only repackaged it recently.


Now I’m interested in his other works as well.



The First Step



Who would’ve guessed that Singapore, or even the world would be shaken by a mere 16 year old?




While everyone is busying watching the drama revolving around the kid, here I am, an “adult” 10 years older than him, taking my first step into the working world.




I will be flying to Japan tonight for my 3 months internship in a Japanese IT company.




I am both excited and nervous at the same time. More nervous actually.




Because of this internship, I am not able to attend two of my friends’ weddings. I feel guilty for that. I hope they can have an everlasting marriage and a great life ahead.




Back to the job. I guess I was lucky to get the offer. I didn’t think that I would be able to get this job.




Taking this step is considered “dangerous”, because this industry is totally different from my major. But then, who says that you must do a job that is related to your major after you graduate?




Every job has its challenges. Every job has its pros and cons. The most important is how you choose to accept it, and what you gain out of it.




I hope through this job, I can become a more mature and independent person, attaining personal growth.




Finally, I’m stepping into this society, albeit a little late.




It’s time to step out of my comfort zone as well.





April is Your Lie














How do you describe this feeling?

The feeling you have after watching a very touching movie… The feeling you have when you keep thinking about it… The feeling you have about all the characters… The feeling you have when the music keeps playing in your head…

I have no idea what to call that. But that’s what I’m going through right now, after watching 四月は君の嘘, or April is Your Lie.

First of all, the OST is really great. A good anime with good OST = a lot of emotions.

The story is great as well. Even though the anime has 24 episodes and the manga serialisation lasted for 4 years, this feels more like a movie than a series.

The name of this anime is also very interesting. “April is Your Lie”. April? Why April? What’s the lie?

April is a month with great significance in Japan. It’s the start of Spring, and because schools usually start in April, it also marks the start of a new adventure. And it was during this period that Kousei met Kaoru, who brought him back to his piano.

The exact lie was revealed in the last episode. But in my opinion, Kaoru’s appearance itself was a lie. She forced herself to dress up, pick up violin, do things she likes, and force Kousei back to piano. She “lied” to herself, and forced herself to “lie” to Kousei.

She knew that she was just a “come and go” person. At one moment she even asked Kousei to reset everything just like pressing a button. But she still could not bear to let him go. She could not bear to let him suffer, and she wanted to bring him back to where he should be.

There are a lot of lines in this anime that are very cliche. But they still succeed in bringing out a lot of emotions from the audience.

It’s very saddening that Kaoru passed away in the end. It’s the same feeling I had when I read that Sai disappeared.

She achieved her objectives. To bring Kousei back to piano. But she couldn’t achieve her dreams, which was to play the violin for Kousei.

I want to learn the piano pieces in this anime if I have the time. I hope the music can help me express my feelings.













I knew about this anime/manga quite long ago. I just didn’t watch/read it at first because it didn’t really appeal to me. Parasites feeding on humans… Humans deforming and getting slashed… It just looked like a normal gore anime/manga to me. The word “parasyte” was even spelt wrongly!

Now, I’m glad that I watched it.

It wasn’t just a normal gore anime where people get brutally killed by enemies. It was actually an anime which makes you think about life. Why do we live? Why do we do what we do? Why do we behave this way?

The story was also very well written. There were quite a few tear jerking moments. The whole process about Shinichi becoming more and more like a parasite and then turning back to human was very well portrayed.

I like the fact that it was never explained how the parasites came about. Maybe it’s due to some experiments. Maybe it was a natural phenomenon. Maybe they were aliens. It was not important.

The question is, as a living organism on Earth, how much do we care about other species?

We always say that we want to protect Earth… We want to protect the animals and plants. But how many of us really think that way from the bottom of our hearts?

Just like Shinichi said in the anime, it would be too arrogant for us to claim that we knew other species and we are doing things for them. In the end, all we care about is ourselves. And that’s what humans are.

However, at the same time, we also have emotions. That’s what makes us humans as well.

We are just a small living thing in this huge universe. We can only do as much as we can to defend ourselves and our loved ones.

End of an Era

The state funeral for Mr Lee Kuan Yew ended yesterday. That also marked the end of one week of mourning.

During this period of time, many different posts appeared on the Internet. Most were posts about how great Mr Lee was and what are the things he did for Singapore. Some were about how Mr Lee achieved all these at the expense of some people and he should repent for the sins he committed. Some were about people who were sitting on the fence, neither did they feel much hatred nor be very grateful towards Mr Lee. They just couldn’t stand watching his news everyday, everywhere.

It’s hard to say who is correct. In fact, all of them are correct. Mr Lee did accomplish a lot for Singapore. If not for him, Singapore probably wouldn’t be the way it is today. Mr Lee also did a lot of bad things to some people, arresting and putting people into jail for prolonged periods of time without trial.

All of them are wrong as well. They both failed to see the other side of the story and focused too much on his good/bad sides.

There are always two sides to a story. And you can’t really use one to outweigh the other. Life is not as simple as an expository essay.

What I feel is that, instead of focusing on the facts, shouldn’t we focus more on the human side? Humans are people with emotions, and we shouldn’t just let facts or personal opinions ride over our heads.

Yes, Mr Lee did do some bad things. But there are many people in Singapore who regard Mr Lee as Singapore’ founding father, as their grandpa, or Ah gong. Many people are grateful towards him for what Singapore has evolved into and the current lifestyle we have. Why not show some respect for them and their emotions?

Let’s say you are going for someone’s father’s funeral. Would you be talking bad about the father and all the wrongs he did? Or would you be consoling the person instead, trying to make him feel better? If it’s the former, I would wonder what kind of EQ you have.

Even if you are not going for the funeral, would you spread bad rumours about his father? Would you tell everyone how bad of a person the father was and ask people to stop mourning for him? The only reason why you would do that would be if you are his arch enemy and you want him to be as miserable as possible.

Everyone is free to have their own opinions. But can we show some respect for the dead and those who are mourning for him?

After that, we can all move on, and carry on with whatever we were busy with.




Though somehow, I have a feeling Singapore will not be the same anymore.

Politically speaking, there’s seldom right or wrong. Just like someone said: “It’s not the side with justice that wins. The side that wins will have the justice.”

I wonder which is side is going to have the justice from now on.